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Structural Integration
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Single Session
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Package 1:
Sessions 1-3
$337.00 (Save 10%)
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Package 2:
Sessions 4-7
OR 8-11
$437.00 (Save 12.5%)
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Package 3:
Sessions 4-7 AND
$744.00 (Save 15%)
Includes Full-Color Series Companion Book
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Package 4:
Full Series
$1100.00 (Save 20%)
Includes Full-Color Series Companion Book & One Post-Series Somassage

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90 Minute Somassage Packages
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(Save 10%, or $38)
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(Save 12.5%, or $78.00)
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(Save 15%, or $131.00)

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I work out of Soma Kinetics located in Historic Downtown Kent. The address is 109 2nd Avenue South, Kent 98032, You may find us on the 2nd floor of the building, above Rain & Co. We are close to the Post Office, Running Stitch Fabrics, Kent Teaching & Toys, City Hall, Kent Regional Library, Wild Wheat Restaurant, Sushi Kuine, Kent Station, and many other great downtown activity centers and businesses.

Appointments are regularly available Sunday—Tuesday and Thursday/Friday, 10-8. Other days/times are available by arrangement.

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How does Structural Integration differ from massage?

Massage and Structural Integration share many attributes; both are a form of touch therapy, both can provide relaxation and pain relief, both can help us become more aware of our bodies. Soma Structural Integration, and its' partner, Somassage, restructure the fascia of the body to affect long-lasting benefit and change, and incorporate body awareness and movement reeducation to help you maintain the changes. Many clients have told me Soma/Somassage are more 'sensation filled' than normal massage; that is, they feel enlivened, connected and more aware of their bodies, and that those sensations and connections continue well past the time they get off the table.

What IS Fascia, anyway?

Simply put, fascia is connective tissue. Its' many iterations throughout the body include tendons, ligaments, and the bags which enclose all muscles and organs. Like an internal support network, fascia connects us from head to toe. Long assumed to be irrelevant, recent studies are finding fascia to be an essential and integral part of all other body systems; without it, we are unable to move and function. Pain receptors and proprioception indicators (which tell us where we are in our surrounding space) live in the fascial network, and reorganizing fascia helps optimize and 'reset' the rest of the system.

What does a typical SI session look like?

Each session is about 90-120 minutes, depending on the area of focus and how your individual body is structured. We take a few moments at the beginning to check in and see how things have been since our last session, and review your personal log, then I step out while you change (underwear or shorts for both men and women, tube top provided for women), following which, we begin each session with a quick body-reading, looking for external clues about places which could use release, reconnection, or extra support. I ask for feedback and observations that YOU make as this work is collaborative in nature, and requires conscious connection on your part to affect lasting change. Then we work to release areas of congestion and compensation, reorganizing layers of fascia through manual manipulation, awareness, and movement. Each session ends with finish work to calm the system, and most end with bench work; a spinal sequencing piece to help keep you connected to your center of gravity. Additionally, some sessions have a movement reeducation piece to help you consciously begin to move with added awareness.

What should I wear?

Please wear something you are comfortable with me seeing; all clients wear underwear or shorts throughout sessions; I provide a tube top for women. If needed, I have boxer shorts available for use as well.

I have had chronic pain in my (fill in the blank...hips, neck, back, etc.), there's no way this can help, right?

I have many clients who come with chronic pains and find great relief through this work. I myself have experienced pain relief as I've gone through the series. While pain relief is a common result of structural integration, our focus is always on reorganizing the system, and optimizing the way your body functions in relation to gravity. Release of compensation patterns and movement reeducation provide a strong combination for ongoing pain relief.

Do I have to go through all 11 sessions?

Nope! The greatest benefit is gained from going through the entire series, but there are points along the way where we can take a break or stop, if needed: After Session 1, Session 3, or Session 7. While many clients elect to come every week or every other week, most sessions can be done with up to a month in between. The exception to this is the Core sessions (4-7) which all need to be completed, and between which, I ask for no more than a two week span of time. I am always willing to work with people to find a timing/payment arrangement which works for them.

Do I have to do sessions every week during series work?

While many clients elect to come every week or every other week, most sessions can be done with up to a month in between, if needed. The exception to this are the Core sessions (4-7) which all need to be completed, and between which, I ask for no more than two weeks. I am normally willing to work with people to find a timing/payment arrangement which works for them.

What's the difference between Soma and Rolfing?

Soma is an 'heir' to Rolfing. We follow Ida's original 10 session layout, with an added arm session for a total of 11. Soma and Rolfing are closely related, but are more easily understood under the 'Structural Integration' label. Please see the 'Evolution' section on the Connections page for a more in-depth explanation.

Do you take insurance or offer discounts?

While I do not take insurance directly, I can provide an insurance friendly receipt for you to submit. Alternatively, I take HSA/FSA cards, credit/debit cards and cash or check. (If you are using an HSA or FSA card, the IRS may require a prescription from your doctor for massage therapy.) Discounts are offered through package savings. I will also work with most clients to find a schedule and payment plan which works for them. In short, if finances are the only thing holding you back, please contact me to see what we can work out!