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Structural Integration at Somatic Synchrony in Kent, Washington
By far the most powerful and longest-lasting treatment option, Soma Structural Integration© is a series of 11 deep tissue bodywork sessions. Each session is tailored to the client's needs, has a different area of focus and a set of goals.

In addition to soft tissue release and alignment, movement re-education and body awareness exercises reinforce a more unified mind-body connection.

When I started as a client, I was out of touch with my body, and in a closed space emotionally and psychologically; reconnecting to my body dramatically changed how I lived my life. I learned how powerful the mind-body connection is, how much our body limits or expands our relationship with the world, and how very malleable both our bodies and minds can be! If you are looking for a shift in the way you feel and relate to your world, Soma© can offer support and insight and facilitate change!
Somassage and Treatment Work at Somatic Synchrony in Kent, Washington
Somassage© is massage with an infusion of in Soma theory. It is a great maintenance tool for those who have been through the series work, an effective stress and pain management tool for anyone, and serves as an excellent introduction to the Soma theory and practice.

While the effects of Somassage© are shorter-lived than its' series-work counterpart, Somassage© does provide a long-lasting state of relaxation and relief for many kinds of discomfort.

Treatment work is just that: 15-30 minute sessions targeting a specific area which needs additional support due to tension or injury.
Individual Approaches; Deep Tissue Bodywork, Somassage and Structural Integration at Somatic Synchrony in Kent, Wa.
I have been in close contact with the special needs community for much of my life, and I am constantly humbled by the grace reflected in their lives, and the lives of those who love and serve and caretake them.

While all sessions are tailored to the needs of the clients, I work with particular sensitivity to support the special needs client and to
modify all aspects of treatment for their comfort and tolerance. Feedback and participation from caretakers is helpful, especially at the outset, for assessment, observation, and sometimes for communication.

Although my treatment room is not on the ground floor, I am willing to work with families to find a location which works for all of us.

Please contact me directly to schedule a time to discuss goals and options, including pricing.

While I don't directly bill insurance, I can provide an insurance-friendly receipt, and I will work with you to find a payment arrangement, if needed.